Amanda Joy Powell is an independent recording artist, songwriter, and a worship leader with a deep passion connecting people with the love of Jesus Christ through music. Amanda grew up in the Red Lake area of Ontario, Canada in the home of missionary parents who shared a love of music. “I’ve always been around music,” she recalls fondly. “One of my very first memories are singing acapella with my family at our local radio station when I was four years old.” The Fretz Family, as they were known, were regular guests of the remote station for several years. With her mother as a guitarist, a young Amanda went on to take piano lessons throughout junior high school, and by the time she was sixteen was leading worship at her church. “Worshiping is how I feel God’s presence.” 

In 2004, Amanda graduated from Rosedale Bible College. As a student, she toured with the college band, “Salt & Light,” as well as the college’s choir, “Rosedale Chorale”. Amanda met husband, Andy, in 2001 on the very day she was commissioned by her mission board  to serve in China for a year. Upon her return to the United States, the couple began dating and married after her college graduation. For the last seventeen years, Amanda and her husband have serving in their local church near Richmond, VA, while raising their three children—Justin (15), Madalyn (13), and Ryan (11).

Her ministry, however, would take a dramatic shift in 2018, while attending a ‘Refuel’ leadership conference, with her  husband, at Thomas Road Church/Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. There, Andy and Amanda met CCM artist, Meredith Andrews, and her husband, Jacob Sooter, who mentioned their strong belief that within every worship leader is a potential songwriter.  “I felt chills go down my spine,” recalls Amanda. “It was as if God was telling me in that moment, ‘This is my plan for you.’” Later that night while Amanda was praying, the love she experienced in God’s presence inspired a song—one that she would share with her church the following Sunday. Family and friends began to encourage the aspiring songwriter to grow in her newly discovered gift.

Soon after, Amanda attended the Nashville Christian Songwriter’s “Song Revolution” conference. It was there that she met Dove Award-wining songwriter, Kenna Turner West. “I didn’t realize at the time how incredibly blessed I was that Kenna loved my music, or just how much God was getting ready to change my world.” Kenna and Amanda began a mentoring relationship, which has not only served to help Amanda grow in the craft of songwriting, but it has also fueled her passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a vocalist.

In December of 2020, Amanda—as both a singer and songwriter—released her first digital single entitled “This Child of Bethlehem.” She then signed a Single Song Publishing Contract with Curb|Word Music Publishing and Say Amen Music for that song 4 month later.    “It’s crazy how everything in my life has led to this moment,” she reflects, “and I feel so incredibly blessed to not only serve in our local church but to also have this new platform of ministry. The past 25 years of leading worship has been so rewarding. And if the new music pouring out of me can connect the heart of the listener with the love of God, well—what more could I want?”

Amanda has recorded a full album of originals and will be releasing several singles before her album debut set for October 6th, 2023. Its exciting to see how several of Amanda's songs have been making waves on radio charts. You can listen to Amanda Joy Powell on all streaming platforms, Restoration Gospel Radio, Christian Mix 106, Higher Power 3, Racman Christian Radio, Highway 61 Internet Radio and more.